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We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we provide you with an A-Z service when you acquire a property with us. Nothing is too big or too small; if you dream it, we will do it.
PMA Setups
(Indonesian Foreign Direct Investment Company)


The main business vehicles in Indonesia are legal entities and business entities. In a legal entity, there is a separation between the assets of the founder(s) and that of the established entity, which is not the case in a business entity. Establishing a legal entity requires the approval of several government entities, while establishing a business entity only requires registration with government entities.

Examples of legal entities include:
• Limited liability companies (Perseroan Terbatas (PTs))
• Co-operatives
• Pension funds

Business entities include:

• Civil partnerships
• Firms (a type of partnership)
• Representative offices
• Permanent establishments
• Limited partnerships
• Comanditer Venootschap (CVs)

The main form of business vehicle used in Indonesia is the PT.PMA. A PT.PMA is a legal entity comprised of shares that must be established by at least two shareholders. The PT.PMA is the most common form of business vehicle because of the limited liability of shareholders and a clear capitalization regime. A PT.PMA can be a publicly listed company or a privately-owned company.

A PT.PMA is the most common form of business entity used in Indonesia and is generally preferred, because the liability of shareholders is limited to their capital contribution. Additionally, the Board of Directors and Commissioners of a PT.PMA cannot be held liable for any corporate decision adopted in good faith, therefore affording greater protection to the parties involved.


The most common option for an overseas company establishing a presence in Indonesia is to set up a Limited Liability Company with foreign ownership (PT. PMA). The first step in establishing a PT.PMA is to determine whether the PT.PMA can be wholly owned or only partially owned by foreign shareholders.

To establish a PT.PMA, the founding shareholders or their proxies must execute a Deed of Establishment containing the PT.PMA’s Articles of Association (AOA), which must be signed before a Notary and filed for approval with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MOLHR). The filing process at the MOLHR will be handled by the Notary.

Once the MOLHR approves the AOA, the PT.PMA must register with the Online Single Submission System (OSS), managed by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA). The OSS System will issue a Business Registration Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha or NIB) and Business License.

For some lines of business, companies can immediately start commercial activities after obtaining the Business License. After they obtain a Business License, companies in certain business sectors (such as industry, natural resource management, or energy) must secure a Commercial/Operational License before starting commercial activities. The Commercial/Operational License will only be issued after a company has met or obtained all the standards, certificates, licenses, and/or registrations required for the product and/or service being sold.

The Advantages of Establishing a new PT.PMA are as follows:
• Foreign investors have immediate control over the PT.PMA once it is established.
• Management can be set up to suit the investors’ preferences.

The Disadvantages are that establishing a new PT. PMA requires:
• Permits, setting up a physical presence (office) and hiring employees, which is time-consuming compared to acquiring an existing PT.PMA.
• Going through an administrative process with government institutions and agencies.


To establish a PT. with foreign ownership (PT.PMA), the minimum investment is IDR 10 billion (about USD 730,000) and the minimum issued share capital is IDR 2.5 billion (about USD 174,000). In each business field, comprising equity capital and indicative loans. A company is categorized as a PMA as long as any of the shares are held by a foreign citizen or foreign company. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it’s 100%, 51%, or even 1% – as long there are foreign shareholders, you are foreign-owned company.


Indonesia recognizes a two-tiered board structure. The Company Law does not regulate the structure of the Board of Directors (BOD) or Board of Commissioners (BOC), which can be determined by the company’s Articles of Association. However, the laws and regulations relating to specific business sectors may regulate the structure of the BOD and/or BOC (for example, in the insurance and banking sectors).

For more information on setting up a PMA, get in touch with us.
We understand that one of the most frustrating parts of moving to or investing in a foreign country is knowing your Visa options and immigration policies. We have an in-house visa agent working around the clock to be able to give you the peace of mind when it comes to your Visas and investment permits.

We offer:
Tourist Visa’s
Limited Stay Permits (KITAS)
Permanent Stay Permits (KITAP)
Investor Visas (Investor KITAS)
Spousal visas (Spousal KITAS)
Working Visas (Working KITAS)

For more information on your Visa requirements, get in touch with us.
Business Consulting
Setting up a business (PT.PMA) in Indonesia as a foreigner has a number of elements to take in consideration. We will advise you on your set out responsibilities and liabilities as a foreign business owner here in Indonesia and will also be able to give you a full layout of how to manage that business in terms of processes needed to fulfil the Indonesian governments set out regulations in terms of the New Omnibus Law.

We are able to provide you with a complete consultation on critical aspects of doing business in Indonesia such as, (a)the various business sectors open to 100% foreign ownership (b)The risk level of each business sector (c)operating licenses and permits (KBLI’s) (d)tax consulting and reporting of your company through our partnered companies and many more.

Our in-house legal expert will be able to correctly guide, advise and assist you to be able to get the most out of your business. We will be able to advise you on a vast array of topics for your business, such as employment contracts, minimum wages, foreign employees, employee health insurance (BPJS) and Tax consulting through our partner company.

For more information on this please get in touch with us.
Property Sales & Marketing
Our core focus and expertise lie here. Our Founder and Director have a combined 15 years’ experience in Sales & marketing and Indonesian law.

We thus share a deep passion and expertise in the sales and marketing of various island properties, from private pool villas, vacant plots of land or businesses for sale or lease. We mainly focus on properties within the three Gili islands proximity and parts of Lombok.

We ensure that each and every property listed with us undergoes a due diligence check to ensure all property certification, taxes and zoning are correct and that you as a prospective buyer have peace of mind and have more time to focus on taking in the fantastic moment of becoming a new property owner on Indonesia’s beautiful islands.

We aim to at all times be a transparent link between buyer and seller and provide the best possible outcome for both parties.

To enquire about purchasing or renting property, get in touch with us.
Property Management
Property management is the latest edition to our service offerings. It is not until the COVID-19 pandemic, where many foreign property owners had to go back to their home countries or simply could not come back to their property, that we realized and identified this very evident gap in the market.

We see this firstly as an opportunity to be able to create employment opportunities for local islanders that have not previously had the opportunity to be employed. By appointing us as your property management company, we will manage and maintain your property.

Depending on the property and your needs for it as an owner, we will employ staff members to manage and maintain your gardens, pools, general maintenance and repairs and even run your booking systems if need be. This way, not only do you have peace of mind that your property is taken care of in your absence, but you also help us to help the local community.

For more on our property Management service please get in touch with us.