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About Us

Palm View Properties Underline
We keep your investment safe, secure and simplified.

Our Beginnings

Palm View Properties was launched on Gili Air in 2021 as a partnership between Desvann Jesmond Van Vuuren, from South Africa, and Wahyu Ahimsa, from Lombok. Palm View Properties is a boutique property investment and business services company that has the goal of demystifying and simplifying Indonesia’s complicated real estate sector for outside investors. We seek to match local property owners with potential buyers, objectively representing both sides so that everyone receives the best outcome.

Our Commitment

Palm View Properties is committed to only dealing in properties that have legal, registered certificates without any disputes. In the past, many companies have used nominee agreements in land transactions with foreigners. These agreements are invalid and do not protect the buyer. Palm View Properties offers you a suite of business services with your property purchase to ensure that you are protected for the future.

Our Mission

At Palm View Properties we apply a simple philosophy: treat and service our customers in the same manner in which we would like to be treated and serviced. We understand that acquiring real estate can be an overwhelming experience, even more so in a foreign country. Thus, we commit ourselves to at all times be clear, flexible and transparent. We undertake to assist you as a property investor in the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia every step of the way and ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and ultimately becomes the stepping stone to one of the most rewarding moments of your life.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear : provide foreign and local investors with a safe, secure and simplified platform to realise your dream of acquiring property on a tropical island. We seek to contribute in a positive manner to the beautiful country of Indonesia and its people, and we want to provide a trusted link between buyers and sellers whilst investing in the local skills we surround ourselves with. We are a diverse business who seeks to not only be successful at our trade of real estate sales and marketing, but also to uplift the economy around us by empowering the local community.

For Buyers

On the buyer’s side, we accompany the property sale with the business set-up necessary for foreigners who wish to buy land in Indonesia, called a PMA, while also providing business, resident, and stay permits, commonly known as KITAS. We can help you set up a will, advise you on taxes, and manage the maintenance of your property after you move in. If you want to buy a piece of land and build your dream house, we will help you obtain all necessary permits. We can also set up long-term leases to help you realise your dream business.

For Sellers

On the seller’s side, we will hold in-depth consultations to help you determine the market value of your property and advise you on any action required to make your property more marketable. Once you enter into a listing agreement with us, we will take high-resolution photographs and drone footage of your property and create custom listing videos and announcements that we will share on our social media accounts. 

Realise Your Dream

Having worked in real estate in the Gilis for the past two years, we have already built up a strong pipeline and loyal following, and we endeavor to make the best match between buyers and sellers. Whether you already live on the Gilis or can’t wait to make your tropical paradise dream come true, we can’t wait to work with you!

Meet Our Team

Desvann Jesmond Van Vuuren


Desvann is a South African-born entrepreneur with a background in timeshare, travel club and real estate sales and marketing. He is an ambitious young man with a unique appetite for success and zest for life. After coming to Indonesia for the first time in 2016, he simply fell in love with the country, its people and rich culture. He decided to permanently relocate there in late 2018. Having been involved with many successful real estate transactions on the three Gili Islands, he decided in late 2021 to establish his own real estate company alongside longtime friend and business partner Wahyu Ahimsa, a local lawyer from Lombok. Palm View Properties was born from our relevant knowledge, experience, and passion.
“I have made many mistakes in business…who hasn’t? But I have learned through every one of them and, every time, I came out on the other side stronger and better equipped. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson and you will be amazed by how many lives you can positively touch.”

Wahyu Ahimsa

Director and Legal Expert

Wahyu holds a degree in Indonesian Law and was born on the mainland of Lombok, Indonesia. He is the pinnacle of an Indonesian success story, coming from humble beginnings and persevering to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. He has overseen and facilitated countless real estate transactions over the past 5 years and surrounds himself with a vast base of true industry leaders. Humble and down to earth in nature, with a calm and soothing demeanor combined with a wealth of legal knowledge, it is very easy to understand how he contributes to the successes of our valued clients. “For me it is extremely important to be able to be a friend as much as I am a businessman. I find a true sense of meaning and reward when I am able to help people realise their lifelong dreams. I am truly happy to be in a position where I can welcome people from all corners of the world to my beautiful country and show them how they too can become part of this warm, welcoming and unique culture”.


Immigration Expert

Zul was born in Lombok, Indonesia and is passionate about his job. An immigration expert with a degree in law, he has an in-depth understanding of Indonesian immigration law for both local citizens and foreigners. Zul has been responsible for numerous foreign nationals successfully obtaining the correct visas to enter, live and work in Indonesia, both temporarily and permanently. He is a great asset to the Palm View Properties team and an even greater asset to our valued clients across the world.

Thorik Haikal S. Ak

Tax Consultant and Accountant

Thorik was born in East Lombok, Indonesia. He is a tax consultant and accountant with a passion for numbers and people alike. Thorik is responsible for assisting our valued clients with all tax and accounting-related matters and ensures that all taxes are accounted for when setting up your Indonesian business and acquiring a property in Indonesia. He is the brain behind each and every tax-related matter with which our valued clients may need assistance and will take the hassle out of the numbers so you can focus on running your business.

Emilie Greenhalgh


Emilie is the Content and Communications Director for Palm View Properties. She was born in the U.S. and has lived overseas for a decade as a humanitarian aid worker. She has written a memoir about these experiences and also regularly writes articles about global events. Emilie has trained on social media strategy and brings writing, photography, and communications skills to Palm View Properties. She holds an MA in International Relations and Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Meet Our Partners

Satu Konsultan


Satu Konsultan is a Lombok based registered tax consulting and accounting firm. They deal with tax and accounting for both local and foreign businesses based in the Gili Islands and Lombok area. As a valued Palm View Properties client, not only do we assist you in setting up your PT.PMA, but we also assist you with your taxes, accounting and business reporting. Whether your PT.PMA is newly established and you just need initial guidance or whether you just looking for someone to take the hassle out of your business, we will assist you every step of the way. Check out our tax consulting section for more details on this.

Honders/Alting Makelaars

real estate brokers

Palm View Properties are delighted and proud to be partnered with Honders/Alting Makelaars. This collaboration not only means we are doing business alongside giants in the Industry, but also ensures our luxurious Indonesian based properties are on display to the european market as Indonesia is becoming ever more popular and appealing to the european market.

Exclusive homes require an exclusive approach, only customization counts. That is precisely why Honders/Alting has been successfully mediating in the luxury residential segment for over 25 years . Honders/Alting specializes in the sale and purchase of dream homes at home and abroad. Unique deals for unique people.

Seven Stones Indonesia

Real Estate and Business Services Specialists

Our latest partnership with Seven Stones Indonesia adds a huge amount of value for our clients here at Palm View Properties and opens up a whole new world and wider range of service offerings.

Seven Stones Indonesia provides progressive, smart and collaborative Investment Solutions, including Private and Commercial Property Services, Investment and Business Advisory Services, Financial Planning, Branding, Legal Assistance and Consultations. We are customer-centric, believing in authentic engagement to deliver lifetime value to and for all stakeholders with the aim of boosting business, growth and prosperity for our clients and partners across Indonesia and beyond. We do good, then we do well because we believe in creating a better world by focusing on what matters, so doing business in Indonesia is more efficient, more effective and more empowering.